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Monthly Archives: May 2022

Ay Yi Yi…

The team apparently spending a little win-loss capital to refresh and deal with injuries and then take on their biggest competitors to continue the long slog to the mid-season break.  Let’s hope they can manage to stay on top and not stumble over more of their own hubris until then.

Break Up the Yankees

Jeez, this is a better start than many of us anticipated—winning close games (Aaron Judge with a walk-off homer last night against a cement-mixer; Gleyber Torres with 5 RBI this afternoon) and giving a promising and exciting Mets team a run for the town’s attention. Something good for the time being in this cockamamie world.

How Ya Like Dem Apples??

After a rough start (*ahem*), the Yankees engine suddenly took off like a Ferrari in a Formula One Grand Prix as they reeled off 11-straight wins against middling and tough competition.  Even if their streak was broken right after, their starters have been quite a revelation of late, particular “Nasty Nestor” Cortes with the pronstache holding the Jays to two runs in four innings, which at this point would qualify as an off-night for him (four walks, three Ks), but hey: this season might actually be something to be into, huh?

Let’s have a few more of these long win-streak thingies why not… and how’bout tossing Boone a few more times for good luck?

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