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Beat of the Day


Work it out.

[Painting by conjunto universo via This Isn’t Happiness]

Beat of the Day


Man, listen:

[Painting by Arturo Samaniego]

Beat of the Day


Shake Your Rump.

[Photo Via: Retrogasm]

Beat of the Day


A favorite…

[Photo Via: Lawrence Lee Magnuson]

Beat of the Day


Put the needle to the groove. Sexy time…

Beat of the Day


So far…

Picture by Bags. 

Beat of the Day


Suckin’ in the Seventies.

[Photo Credit: Cheryl Tiegs by Helmut Newton]

Beat of the Day


Smooth it out.

[Painting by Ana Teresa Fernandez]

Saturday Night Soul


Please don’t play this song, said no woman ever.

Picture by Bags.

Beat of the Day


Such a long way…And no, I didn’t lose a bet and I’m not intentionally trying to be mean. Sometimes, a corny old tune just pops in your head and won’t leave you alone.

Picture by Bags. 

Beat of the Day

sitting there

Sunroof top:

[Picture by Bags]

Beat of the Day


Had another sneeze and a blew my nose:

[Picture by Sacha Goldberger]

Beat of the Day


I want to fly.

[Photo Via: Kateopolis]

Beat of the Day


This one brings me back. A cousin from Belgium visited the summer it came out. She bought the record and my sister, brother and I listened to it until there were a few scratches. Our cousin got so pissed that she bought a new one. But we were happy because, after all, what are a few skips? I can’t even tell you that I like this song. It doesn’t matter because it is so evocative that I can’t hear it without remembering where I was the summer it was released.

[Picture by Andre Juillard via This Isn’t Happiness]

Sundazed Soul

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Sunday Schmeer.

[Photo Credit: The Food Gays]

Beat of the Day


D’s back.

I worked on a movie called Belly that he did a track for. I remember him coming by a screening room, really short dude. He and his boy kept sneaking off to the stairwell to smoke an L.

Beat of the Day


Still diggin’…the low end theory.

[Photo Credit: Joel Levinson]

Beat of the Day


Picture by Bags.

Beat of the Day


My favorite Christmas tune:

[Photo Credit: Ned Hepburn]

Beat of the Day


Sir Duke.

Picture by Bags. 

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