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Beat of the Day


Man versions, this might be the most famous.

This one might be my favorite:

Beat of the Day


Mood altering.

{Photo Via:

Beat of the Day


Bring that Beat Back.

Beat of the Day

There it is:

[Image by Jeremy Forson]

Beat of the Day


[Photo Credit: Hollie Fernando]

Beat of the Day

Egotrip gives Diamond D’s all-45s set.

[Photo Credit: Steven Siegel]

Beat of the Day

Monday morning. Let’s get to it.

“I Got The Feelin'”–James Brown

[Photo Via: Jungle Indie Rock]

Beat of the Day

Hooray for Friday. Here’s one of the best NYC trooping songs you’ll ever hear. Course it’s good to listen to no matter where you are. You won’t be able to keep still.

[Photo Credit: Robert Doisneau]

Saturdazed Soul

“I Got The Feelin'”-JB

This should get you goin’…

[Image Via: Aberrant Beauty]

Beat of the Day

Ten plus two…


[Photo Credit: Terry Richardson]

Saturdazed Soul

“Funky Miracle”–The Meters

[Photo Via: Daniela64]

Beat of the Day


All lovable and hugable.

[Image: Gian Lorenzo Bernini]

Beat of the Day


[Picture by Matthew Taylor]

Beat of the Day

…That’s What I Am.

[Commissioned sketch by Gabriel Hardman, NYCC 2012 via Agreeable Comics]

Beat of the Day

It’s Toozday. Fug it, let’s dance.

[Image Via: How to Be a Retronaut]

Beat of the Day

Grand Groove.

[Photo Via: Porn For Blind]

Saturdazed Soul

Oh, yeah.

[Photo Credit: Una Ruby Heart]


Beat of the Day

Relieve that pressure:

[Photo Credit: Robert Longo]

Sundazed Soul

And how about a little love for Johnny Otis?

Rest in Peace. A master.

Dig the range:

[Drawing by Larry Roibal]

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