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Creepin’ (Score Bard Remix)

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With major apologies to Stevie Wonder, all the former denizens of Baseball Toaster and basically everyone on Planet Earth dealing firsthand with our pandemic, I nevertheless bring you a throwback to lighter times…

I can hear you sayin’
you’ll stay six feet away and
When will it be
That we can creep…
Back to our teams
On the beach we’re sittin’
Observing social distancin’
When will it be
We get to creep…
Back to our teams
Watch our teams…
When I’m sleep at night beybey
I contemplate some herd immunity
When you sleep at night beybey…
I wonder do I creep into your dreams
Or could it be I sleep alone cuz of quarantine…
Opening’s complicated,
Uh, uh, uh, ah-choo!!!
How players are compensated,
As you can see,
Still too soon to creep…
Back to our teams
Watch our teams…

Beat of the Day


Sonny Liston dug this tunes.

Picture by Bags

Beat of the Day


Toot toot, ah-beep beep.

Picture Via: Retrogasm.

Beat of the Day


Happy 75th, Mr. Ayers.

Beat of the Day


Go screw.

Beat of the Day


Grand Groove.

Picture by dusdin via MPD.

Beat of the Day


Chica Who? Chica Boo.

Photo Via Back Then.

Beat of the Day


Things and Stuff…

[Image Via: Illicit Writer]

Saturdazed Soul


This here’s a good one:

[Photo Credit: Lucyna Kolendo via MPD]

Beat of the Day

oral annie

Mix Master Cut Faster:

Beat of the Day


Monday Groove.

[Photo Credit: Lennart Olson]

Beat of the Day


Work it out.

[Painting by conjunto universo via This Isn’t Happiness]

Beat of the Day


Put the needle to the groove. Sexy time…

Beat of the Day


Smooth it out.

[Painting by Ana Teresa Fernandez]

Saturday Night Soul


Please don’t play this song, said no woman ever.

Picture by Bags.

Beat of the Day

sitting there

Sunroof top:

[Picture by Bags]

Beat of the Day


D’s back.

I worked on a movie called Belly that he did a track for. I remember him coming by a screening room, really short dude. He and his boy kept sneaking off to the stairwell to smoke an L.

Beat of the Day


Still diggin’…the low end theory.

[Photo Credit: Joel Levinson]

Beat of the Day


Thanks to our pal Matt B for pointing out Eric Clapton’s favorite guitar solo.

[Photo Credit: Stephen Paley]

Beat of the Day


Put the needle to the groove.

[Painting by Johan Barrios]

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