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Dig this.

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Taster’s Cherce


Veeeeerry Serious (like a Peek Frean).

Taster’s Cherce


The Wife is a cheap date in some respects. For Valentine’s Day all she wants is a small box of Russell Stover chocolates. Last year I couldn’t find any so I bought her a box of chocolates from Jacques Torres. She appreciated the gesture, of course, but not the chocolate. Russell Stover it is–but not Whittman’s, she says. “I won’t eat that crap.”

Over at Serious Eats, here’s a taste test: Russell Stover vs. Whittman’s. 

Taster’s Cherce


Oh, man. Kottke delivers with this post on how to buy olive oil. It stars Tom Mueller who wrote an absorbing book about olive oil (birthday gift from mom).

I use a basic Fairway brand for cooking and then have a couple of nicer ones for more delicate things like salads. Frantoia does me right though I’m far from an expert.


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How to store your herbs (Food 52).

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Alexandra shares a few gift ideas. Hot damn.

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I’m as into trying new things as the next guy but some products don’t need to be messed with. I haven’t tried a homemade ketchup yet that bests Heinz, have you?

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What’s your favorite and least favorite Halloween candy?

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Serious East tells us all about fish sauce. 

[Photo Credit: Paul Hillier]

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From A Continuous Lean: smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

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Are Montreal bagels the best? This post by Katherine Sehl at Thrillist makes the case that they are. 

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In season: tasty and good fuh ya.

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From our boy Eric Nusbaum.

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Rest in Peace, Sam Farber.

[Photo Via: Paleo Tumblr]

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What was your favorite bubble gum: Bazooka, Double Bubble, Bubble Yum, Hubba Bubba, Bubblicious?

I like Bazooka and grape Bubble Yum but the flavor didn’t last. Always dug those animated Bubblicious ads, man.

Taster’s Cherce

Buzzfeed gives 23 Asparagus recipes. It’s a spring thing.

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