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Beat of the Day


Still diggin’…the low end theory.

[Photo Credit: Joel Levinson]

Put the Needle to the Groove



Bring That Beat Back


Found over at Egotrip is this Fact post on beat tapes:

[Image Via: the Chicago Sun-Times]

A Yo!


Over at Egotrip, dig this:

[Photo Credit: Malik Sayeed]

Beat of the Day

Via Ego Trip, check out Gilles Peterson’s Donald Byrd Tribute mixes.

Father Vs. Son

From Ego Trip, here’s Prince Paul and his son.

New York Minute

Via Ego Trip, check out this Life photo gallery of a 1972 Bronx street gang.

Bring that Beat Back

Y’all want to hear that beat, right?

This is too rich for just a Beat of the Day.

Chairman Mao gives us Hip Hop’s Top 25 James Brown Sampled Records. At Ego Trip, where else?

Stolen Kisses

Kiss FM, 98.7 on your radio dial, is going away. Dag. Memories of DJ Red Alert.

Ego Trip has 12 radio promos to jog your memory.

[Image via: UB Massive]

Million Dollar Movie


Also via Ego Trip, the Muppets take Bed-Stuy.

The 18th Letter

Dig Ego Trip’s 1997 interview with the God Rakim.

[Drawing by Ben Lamb]

Can I Flip It?

Over at Egotripland, Prince Paul offers his 10 favorite sample flips.

Listen n loin.

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