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Afternoon Art


Photograph by TS Flynn.

It’s a Long Season


These two photographs by Kathy Willens from the AP have me excited for baseball. I found them over at It’s a Long Season one of my favorite spots. Check it out any ol’ time. You’re sure to find some goodness.


Are We There Yet, Are We There Yet?


We’ll get there when we get there. 

Soon, dammit, soon. Baseball is coming. Promise.

[Photo Credit: Book Owl via It’s a Long Season]

It’s a Long Season


If you don’t follow It’s a Long Season, no better time to start than now.

[Photo Credit:  Justin K. Aller/Getty Images North America]

Act II, Scene I


Blogging will be light today but we’ll be back tonight for the game in Boston. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and check out the great images over at It’s a Long Season.

Fast for a Catcher

Over at It’s a Long Season, check out this nice Q&A with the most talented Mike Jackson. Here is Jackson’s tumblr site.

He’s got a show in Philly come April.

Happiness Is…

These pictures of Greg Luzinski via It’s a Long Season.

Track, Wall…

Friday Night Open Thread.

[Photo Via: It’s a Long Season]

The Sure Thing


If you follow one baseball site this year…

how about It’s a Long Season?

It’s killer diller…

don’t ya know?

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