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New York Minute


Found over at Kottke, this is most cool. 

Damn Skippy



[Photo Credit: YES Tours]

Million Dollar Movie


In the winter of 1997 I was in L.A. on a job. I invited a woman to see a Buster Keaton movie at a place called Old Town Music Hall. She stood me up, but I went anyway and had one of the greatest nights of my life. I recently visited L.A. and went back to see another Buster movie at the Music Hall. Good to know such a place exists, you know?

So I was thrilled to see this movie posted over at This Must Be The Place (via Kottke).

[Photo Credit: Ambitus Orchestra]

Million Dollar Movie


Via Kottke, dig this funski:

Taster’s Cherce


Oh, man. Kottke delivers with this post on how to buy olive oil. It stars Tom Mueller who wrote an absorbing book about olive oil (birthday gift from mom).

I use a basic Fairway brand for cooking and then have a couple of nicer ones for more delicate things like salads. Frantoia does me right though I’m far from an expert.


New York Minute


Swiping more wonderfulness from Kottke, dig Greg Alessandrini’s NYC photographs…

Studs and Bob


Via the always nourishing Kottke, check out Studs Terkel’s 1963 interview with Dylan. 

All I Want for Christmas…


Dig Kottke’s holiday gift guide. 

Taster’s Cherce


Found via the always-amazing Kottke: the NYC Ramen Map.

[Photo Via: Joe Burgers Pdx]

New York Minute


Via Kottke comes Rebecca Flint Marx’s sweet post about the joys of  being a regular. The place: Russ & Daughters.

Taster’s Cherce


Twenty-two hours in Balthazar. 

[Photo Credit: Raul Gutierrez]

New York Minute


Found over at Kottke, this map of midtown Manhattan circa 1890.

American Beauty


Head on over to Kottke and check out the two videos on the making of a Steinway grand piano.

Snap Happy

Photography was once an act of intent, the pushing of a button to record a moment. But photography is becoming an accident, the curatorial attention given to captured images.

Kottke curates a thoughtful post about the state of photography in an Instagram world.

Modern Times

Again with the Kottke because it’s beautiful and I can’t stop reading and loving it.

[Photograph by Stanley Kubrick]

New York Minute


So very cool.

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