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Get on the bus….for our dude Chyll Will, some BDP for a Friday.

Picture by Zhang Jia Wu via This Isn’t Happiness.

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Always love the beat boxing on this track:

Picture by Bags

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Puff Puff Pass.

[Photo Credit: Danny Gilbert]

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Mainly what I write is for the average New Yorker…

Picture by Bags.

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I love the way I am and can’t nobody out here change me.

[Picture by Clarissa Bonet]

Mainly What I Write is for the Average New Yorker


Rare KRS demo via Unkut.com.

[Photo Credit: Joey Conzo]

New York Minute


The A.V. Club’s 2001 interview with KRS-One. 

[Picture via Up North Trips]

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Beat of the Day

Baseball is back in the BX.

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Fresh for 11/11…You Suckas!

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‘Cause when I’m on the mic I like to speak freely.

Beat of the Day

A favorite Bronx battle rhyme from the Teacher and Mr. Foxxx.

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The Teacher in his Prime.

Beat of the Day

Oh, hell yes. Classic late-night freestyle:

Hit the Bricks Pal and Beat It (Boom Bap Remix)

The Yanks have lost four straight, seven of their last eight. They’ve been back-and-forth with the Rays for first place all season, a steady give-and-take, a dance. Now, the Rays are up by a half-game. But unless something horrible happens (the Red Sox trail the Yanks by seven games for the wildcard), they are both making the playoffs.

Tonight gives Matt Garza against the kid Nova, in his biggest test yet. Should be fun. I see the Bombers scoring some runs–don’t know if they’ll haul in the Score Truck, but more than enough to win.

Time to get back to the business of being in business.

Let’s Go Yan-Kees!

Beat of the Day

Okay, so while we’re talking battle rhymes why not take a moment to acknowledge perhaps the greatest battle MC of ’em all, KRS-ONE. Dig this freestyle from Tony Touch’s classic Power Cypha mix tape 50.

1-09 KRS-One

I rocked the 917 when it was 718…

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"This ain't football. We do this every day."
--Earl Weaver