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The A.V. Club’s 2001 interview with KRS-One. 

[Picture via Up North Trips]

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1 Chyll Will   ~  Sep 3, 2013 4:39 pm

Excellent interview. The only thing he missed on in my opinion was Napster, which was neutralized by the RIAA and barely exists in today's consciousness. However, a legacy exists in the self-marketing of mix tapes on the street level and and the continuation of peer-sharing on other torrent services, and perhaps even including Pandora and YouTube in a way. But the other things he said were prescient and on point. Maturity and discipline breeds longevity and growth, especially with Hip Hop. The present state which I personally dislike on the surface is part of a cycle, as Chuck D stated in his first album. I would only hope that our generation would take the time to assess its values and take it upon themselves to teach and prepare younger generations (in Hip Hop at least) to prioritize, learn, mature and discipline themselves for the changing landscape across the world. As I alluded to a while ago, the changes in society and technology nowadays have the peculiar effect of speeding up time. But that's just my two cents, sorry for lecturing >;)

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