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2011 Season Predictions – Part 2

As promised, we’re now polling the Banter masses regarding various Yankee-centric items for 2011:

[poll id=”77″]

[poll id=”78″]

[poll id=”79″]

[poll id=”80″]

[poll id=”81″]


2011 Season Predictions – Part 1

Let’s poll the Banter masses regarding which teams will be playing meaningful games in October:

[poll id=”71″]

[poll id=”72″]

[poll id=”73″]


Championship Series Polls

Its time to pick the NLCS and ALCS winners:

[poll id=”69″]

[poll id=”70″]

Banter Second Half of 2010 Poll

OK folks . . . let’s kick off the 2nd half of the season with some poll questions:

[poll id=”50″]

[poll id=”51″]

[poll id=”52″]

[poll id=”53″]

[poll id=”55″]


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