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New York Minute


Water towers.

New York Minute

Chris Lord; Photomontage, 2012, Assemblage / Collage “Walls and Towers.”

Man, love them water towers.

New York Minute

We said it before but I’ll say it again. Nothing says New York like our watertowers.

[IPhone finger painting by Jorge Columbo]

New York Minute

Nothing says New York, or at least Manhattan, like a water tower. I remember looking out of the window at my grandparent’s apartment as a kid. They lived on 82nd street between Columbus and Central Park West. On the ninth floor. I’d look north at the cityscape and I knew why I liked Edward Hopper’s paintings. I’d see the brownstones and on the top of them the water towers. I never understood what they were for, how the water got in or out of them.

Today, I just know that I feel comforted when I see them.

[Photo Credit: The Great Retro New York]

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