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According to Lee Sinns’ ATM report yesterday:

The Yankees say John Flaherty has won the backup C job and are looking to trade Chris Widger.

Flaherty is an outmaking star. His OBA vs. the league average ranks among the top 10 worst figures for catchers with 3000+ PA, since 1900–

1 Bill Bergen -.131 .194 .325
2 Billy Sullivan -.068 .253 .320
3 Otto Miller -.057 .275 .332
4 John Bateman -.053 .271 .324
5 Jim Hegan -.053 .295 .348
6 Red Dooin -.053 .272 .325
7 Bill Killefer -.052 .273 .325
8 Oscar Stanage -.051 .284 .334
9 Zack Taylor -.049 .304 .353
10 John Flaherty -.049 .293 .342

Yankees MGR Joe Torre says Jeff Weaver has defeated Jose Contreras for the 5th starter’s job. Contreras will go to the bullpen.

No surprise there. After 4.32 ERA/10 RSAA and 4.08 ERA/9 RSAA seasons, Weaver had a 3.52 ERA/16 RSAA in 32 games (25 starts) with the Tigers and Yankees in 2002. Weaver set career bests in both RSAA and ERA and has a 4.31 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.67, and 23 RSAA in 126 games.

I wrote to Lee and asked him why he thought Torre chose Flaherty. He replied:

I think Joe Torre goes out of his way to find the worst backup catcher he could possibly get and have him make the team. Last year, it was Alberto Castillo. This year, it’s John Flaherty. Maybe next year, it will be Mike DiFelice or Tom Prince.

What about Snagglepuss Tony Eusebio? The Expos just sent him down to the minors.

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