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Jeter got a cheapo hit and Matsui later drove him in with an RBI single in the third. Yanks up 2-0. But Derek Lowe was wild and soon the bases were loaded, with 2 out. Nick Johnson looked at a ball before the ESPN signal went dead. After 15 seconds of black they cut to the Sunday Night Baseball banner, and cued the music. Then cut to commercial. Why didn’t they run a radio feed? What gives here people?! We got an at bat in progress.
They stay on the commercials long enough for me to guess that Johnson somehow made an out. But no, the next thing I see is Trey Wingo reporting some technical trouble in Boston. He’s going to show us some highlights instead. We get no update on the Nick Johnson at bat. We get highlights.

By the time I get the radio on Weaver has just retired the first batter of the third inning. Todd Walker followed with a clean single to right. The crowd stirred. Nomar comes to the plate and the ESPN is back, with the Spanish commentators. I couldn’t have don’t it better myself. And now the radio commentators.

Count goes full to Nomie and with Walker running, he fouls the ball off. Weaver throws over to first. Then Garciaparra grounds out to third with Walker running. Man on second, two out.

Manny: Curve, low and outside. Manny lays off, ball one. The crowd is a bit livelier tonight. Ball, low and inside, 2-0. Breaking ball, and Manny misses it; he lofts a fly ball to Godzilla to end the inning.

I still don’t know what happened to Nick Johnson. The Yanks didn’t score a run, so it couldn’t have been too good. What’s the matter with ESPN? Don’t they have the sense to give us an update?

Lowe gives up a hit but gets a double play in the fourth. You can hear the “Yankees suck” chants tonight. This is a different crowd than Friday.

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"This ain't football. We do this every day."
--Earl Weaver