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Congrats to Red Sox Nation this morning, as their boys clinched the wild card last night at Fenway Park. There was a wild celebration after the game, which featured Manny Ramirez talking to the press! Funny what winning can do, huh? While part of me is happy for the Sox faithful, another part of me scoffs at such premature celebrations. Pardon me if I’m a spoiled snob, but the Sox haven’t won anything yet. You’d think that a good portion of the Nation would be leary of such antics as well.

Listen, I’m happy for the fans and the team—or as happy as a Yankee fan can ever be with such a thing. Theo Epstein assembled a fine squad, and they play with a lot of character and moxie: they are an entirely admirable group of players. If the 1996-2001 Yankees were hard to hate, so are these Red Sox. But calm down, now. Wait until you’ve won something meaningful before you go throwing a ticker tape parade.

Last night’s Love-In will seem hollow if they can’t make it out of the first round. Then again, it is just the begining if they can make it all the way to the Championship.

Oh, and a special congrats go out to Scott Adams, Ed Cossette, David Pinto, Ben Jacobs, and my man, Johnny fuggin’ Red Sox—all Red Sox fans of the first order.

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