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The Boston Red Sox have placed Manny Ramirez on irrevocable waivers, hoping that there is a team out there that will scoop up their star slugger. However, it is unlikely that there will be suitor for Ramirez, who is due $104 million over the next five years. According to the New York Times:

“It’s a weird thing, to be honest with you,” said one of the executives, both of whom spoke on condition of anonymity. “I don’t know what they’re thinking, other than they want to get out from under that contract.”

Even if Ramirez isn’t picked up by midnight Friday, the Red Sox have sent a message here. They don’t want Manny, and I’m assuming that they will eat a chunk of his contract in order to move him before next season. Rob Neyer opines:

My read of the situation is that the Red Sox desperately want to relieve themselves of their $100 million obligation to Ramirez. But why put Ramirez on waivers now, just three days after the World Series?

Because 1) there’s only one team that will seriously consider claiming Ramirez, and 2) that team’s owner is never going to be more frustrated and more aggressive than he is right now.

Will Steinbrenner rise to the bait? I doubt it.

…What makes all this so fascinating isn’t that the Red Sox have placed Ramirez on waivers. That’s just common sense. What’s fascinating is that the Red Sox are essentially offering a great player to their sworn enemies, gratis. The reports I’ve seen mention a number of teams that might be interested in Ramirez, but unless the Red Sox are willing to send a significant sum of money with Ramirez, there’s only one team, one owner, that might have serious interest.

Never a dull moment, huh?

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