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Like many of us baseball fans, George Vecsey probably doesn’t have much to do these days but dream warm thoughts. Some Yankee fans have been dreaming about pairing Alex Rodriguez with Derek Jeter on the left side of the Yankees’ infield since November (while others are mortally offended by the notion that Jeter would be the one asked to move to third). It is a nice, unrealistic, dream. Today, we can add Vecsey to the list of dreamers who think the Yankees should try and land Rodriguez.

This is a very slow news day in New York, folks. The pressing news is that the Bombers have respectfully declined Gary Sheffield’s offer to play third base (so much for Aaron Gleeman’s “Infield of Doom”), while former-Yankee utility man Todd Zeile has some less than complimentary things to say about his former employers. According to The Daily News:

“I have no desire to play again for that organization,” said Zeile, who appeared in 66 games for the Yanks last season before finishing the year in Montreal. “I don’t know that they’d have a desire to bring me back, so I don’t want to be presumptuous in that regard. (But) I thought I was going to get more playing time – as it turned out, I didn’t. I think some of the things that happen over there are different than in any other organization in baseball.”

… “Every day is potentially the end-all,” he said. “It’s whatever they need that day. It can sometimes be unsettling for people in role positions there. I don’t really have a desire to get back into that mix.”

I can’t muster up the energy to comment. Thanks for the memories Todd. Fortunately, things are a bit more lively down in Tampa and gasp, Detroit. Pudge, say it ain’t so, bro. Talk about playing yourself. Yeesh.

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