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O’s 13, Yanks 2

Ah-ha, just what Red Sox Nation has been waiting for: the Orioles finally gave the Yankees a beating. Unfortunately for Sox fans, it came on a night when the home nine lost (4-2 to the Twins). Jon Lieber was pounded in Baltimore as the O’s finally defeated the Bombers. According to the New York Times:

“I know I’m much better than this,” Lieber said… “It’s definitely embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for the ball club to go out there and just get beat around.”

…”People I’ve talked to said it’s not going to be an easy road that first year, and you’re not going to be as consistent as you’d like to be,” Lieber said Tuesday. “Even though you might feel good, as far as command of your pitches, it’s going to bury you from time to time. It’s just going to be a battle.”

Futher, John Harper reports:

When Jon Lieber gave up three runs in the first inning last night, one wise guy in the press box couldn’t resist:

“The Mariners are raising the price on (Freddy) Garcia by the minute,” he said, to laughs all around.

Down 7-2, the Yankees loaded the bases with nobody out in the sixth. But Jason Grimsley, the former Yankee and newest member of the Orioles, struck out Ruben Sierra, and Tony Clark, then got Miguel Cairo to ground out. That was as close as New York would get.

Gary Sheffield sat again and just may have to go on the DL. So for all of the talk about Freddie Garcia, if anything happens to Sheffield who would be surprised if the Yankees swoop down on Carlos Beltran after all?

Javier Vazquez will pitch against Sidney Ponson tonight. Here are some more articles on Jose Contreras for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing

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