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Let the Bidding Begin

Wasting little time, Omar Minaya has reportedly offered Pedro Martinez a three-year, $37.5 deal, with an option for a fourth season. According to Murray Chass:

Omar Minaya’s imagination seems to know no bounds. Minaya, the Mets’ general manager, didn’t invent the term “thinking outside the box,” but in baseball he is among its leading practitioners.

Minaya is imaginative, aggressive and determined. He must also be fearless because with his early activity he has created enough hope among Mets fans that they will surely have a letdown if he fails to execute one or more of his plans.

Mike Lupica is impressed by Minaya’s assertiveness. The good news, he writes, is that:

Minaya [is] letting people know that the Mets are going to be in play with the big boys this time.

…Minaya is saying that the Mets don’t sit back anymore. I think Pedro belongs in Boston. I think he’ll stay in Boston, unless he leaves a great situation over money the way Jason Giambi did. He’s still better than anybody the Mets have, if he can pass a physical. You want to know why Minaya tries? That’s why.

I still figure that Martinez will stay on with the Red Sox. But then again, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if he simply goes to the highest bidder. Across town, all is still in Yankeeland. Oh, they are close to re-signing John Flaherty. Very well, then. Quickly moving on, if you want to fill your head with Yankee musings, check out Cliff Corcoran’s look at the Bombers’ 40-man roster, as well as thoughts about their pitching from Larry Mahnken and Jay Jaffe.

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