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Now, That’s Mo Like It

With Bob Gibson in the house, Randy Johnson pitched angry yesterday, and turned in his finest performance as a Yankee. The Big Unit threw seven shutout innings, and while Flash Gordon worked into trouble in the eighth, Mariano Rivera saved his bacon, striking out pinch-hitter Larry Walker looking on a 3-2 pitch to end the frame. Rivera got Albert Pujols to pop out in foul ground to Tino Martinez, and then struck out the next two batters in the ninth to nail down the Yankees’ 5-0 win.

Alex Rodrgiguez drove in the first and last runs of the game, while Derek Jeter had a big two-out, two RBI single. Godziller Matsui followed and double Jeter home, as the Yanks rebounded from their horrid Friday night performance.

Here’s some quotes from around Yankee Land.

According to the St. Louis Post- Dispatch:

Catcher John Flaherty said: “This is the guy that we thought we were getting (from the Arizona Diamondbacks). When you get ripped by your manager like we did, the best guy to have on the mound is a dominating lefthander.”

… “It was different from what I remember,” center fielder So Taguchi said. “Usually it’s fastball, fastball, slider. Today it was slider, slider, fastball, changeup. He had his command … very tough.”

The Boss has given Joe Torre the dreaded “vote of confidence.” Yikes:

“I am upset,” Steinbrenner said through his spokesman, Howard Rubenstein, but added, “I have confidence in (Torre). He is safe. He has said he can turn this around. Let’s see if he can do it.”
(N.Y. Daily News)

Finally, here’s Filip Bondy on Bernie Williams:

“If I’m consistent about one thing, it’s that I stink at the beginning of each and every season,” Williams told a writer, explaining that it is nearly impossible now for him to find any rhythm. “Then I always make it happen. It’s frustrating when you’re not given that opportunity. I still get to wear the uniform, and that gives me great pride. But they always stress loyalty to the team during contract talks, and then that only goes so far when it’s the other way.”

Huge game for New York this afternoon. If they can pull out a win, they will return home with some dignity. If not, after this disheartening stretch, it will be a long trip back East.

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1 Simone   ~  Jun 12, 2005 7:38 am

1.  I feel for Bernie who I adore, but the truth is that although he belongs in the line up on a regular basis, Bernie can no longer play center. I don't think that Bernie likes it, but he has to play left and let Matsui play center. Womack can sit his butt on the bench, while Giambi DH's and shares 1st with Tino. The Yankees are better off with Bernie's bat in the line up than Womack's.

2 singledd   ~  Jun 12, 2005 8:08 am

2.  I think Bernie would LOVE to play LF everyday (meaning being in the lineup and out in the field). I think its the Yankees (Torre et al) who for some reason do CF or DH or the Bench instead on putting him in LF. Putting Bernie in CF also bounces Matsui around, which can't be good.

You will notice early in the year, Woe-is-me-mac was in 90+% of the games, and now its more like 2 out of 3. I think even Torre is beginning to sour on TW and realize Bernie is a better choice. If he would only put Bernie in LF instead of CF we could go on with our comeback.

3 seamus   ~  Jun 12, 2005 8:11 am

3.  I think that I recall a quote from Bernie that he wasn't all that excited to play LF. Of course, he'd do it for the team. Matsui in CF and Bernie in LF seems ideal, but then perhaps Bernie doesn't look so good in LF in practice...? He may not pick up on the ball very well or play the corner well. Sometimes that happens.

4 Jen   ~  Jun 12, 2005 9:01 am

4.  I think they're just waiting until they get back to the Bronx to put him in LF.

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