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Hey Good Lookin

The day after the Yankees lost to the Angels in the ALDS, my friend Rich Lederer suggested that Brian Giles would look good in a Yankee uniform. I agreed (as do the fellas over at No Maas). According to Anthony McCarron in today’s Daily News:

Hideki Matsui remains the Yankees’ outfield priority, but GM Brian Cashman also has started looking into other outfield possibilities and recently called the representative for Brian Giles to express interest in the free agent.

“I’ve had a conversation with Brian (Cashman),” said Joe Bick, Giles’ agent. “He said they are assessing what they are going to do and, obviously, Brian is an attractive guy to them and they are interested in talking about him. We have nothing specifically set up, but I’m sure we’ll have another conversation.”

Giles in not young and wouldn’t figure to help improve the Yankees outfield defense significantly, but he’s a terrific hitter, and is the kind of all-out hustle player who would be embraced in New York, don’t you think?

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