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Cliff Notes

There are Alfonso Soriano and Manny Ramirez rumors involving the Mets this morning, but not much in the way of our boys in the Bronx. One item that caught my eye though, concerns what the Yanks might do about a back-up first baseman. According to Sam Borden in The Daily News:

GM Brian Cashman said the Yankees are looking at Andy Phillips as the likely replacement for Martinez at first, since he provides a cheap, righthanded option to complement Jason Giambi.

“We’d like to see what (Phillips) can do,” Cashman said of the 28-year-old. “That’s our initial thought and we think he’d do very well if given the chance. We’re not locked into it, but it’s a direction we’re looking at.”

Can you dig it, Cliff? Next thing you know they’ll be giving Colter Bean a shot at middle relief. Say it ain’t so, my brother.

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