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Who You Callin’ a Mook?

According the The Daily News, the Yankees may have interest in the right-handed relief pitcher, Kyle Farnsworth. Ugh. There are few players in the game I dislike more than Farnsworth, and it’s not because I’ve read that he’s a complete mook off-the-field. It’s because he can throw the ball 100 mph but in a crucial spot (like Game Four against the Astros this past off-season), he’ll start mincing around with his slider, his splitter, falling in love with them, when he could just blow guys away with the heater. (His breaking pitches are nice, but that’s not the point, the point is they are not his strength.) Farnsworth is Nuke Laloosh come to life but without the winning personality, the flake to make him somehow tolerable. He’s probably best served as the team’s defacto brawler should a fight every break out.

Now, if the Yankees signed both B.J. Ryan and Farnsworth, I won’t complain. But if Farnsworth is an alternative to Ryan, I’ll be moaning ’til the cows come home.

The Bombers are expected to sign Hideki Matsui by Tuesday. When all is said and done, expect Godzilla’s pockets to be fat, not flat.

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