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Plenty of Nuthin’

Not a lot of encouraging signs for the Yankees and the free agent market over the past few days. The search for bullpen help is looking kinda grim at this point. Reports from Newsday and The Daily News suggest that the team is not close to any kind of deal with Brian Giles. Joe Torre, whose recruitment call to reliever Scott Eyre did not convince the southpaw to come to the Bronx, has reportedly been playing phone tag with Giles. While some feel that Giles–likely a one-year, part-time stop-gap at center–isn’t suited to the position, others suggest there is no way he’ll come to New York either.

Fortunately, the Bombers don’t appear to have any interest in trading for Florida’s Juan Pierre, but they have poked around about free agent Johnny Damon, who is bound to earn a pretty penny from someone by the time training camp opens.

The other news that made the rumor mill a few days back was that Carl Pavano was unhappy in pinstripes last year and wants to be dealt. The Tigers is the name that has popped up as a possible suitor. There’s been nothing from Pavano directly, and I have to say, I’ve got precious little sympathy for the man. I understand that New York and Boston aren’t suited for everyone–fair enough. But don’t take a boatload of dough and then start riffing. Hey Stoonatz, what did you think it was going to be like in the Bronx? What, were you born yesterday, you incredible putz you?

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