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Calm Before the Storm

With the winter meetings drawing near, Ken Rosenthal has been extra busy these days. In his latest column, Rosenthal reports that the Dodgers are very interested in Brian Giles. Considering Giles’ reported desire to remain on the west coast, it isn’t crazy to think that the Dodgers are the favorites now. Meanwhile, the Phillies are suddenly making a strong push for Flash Gordon. With B.J. Ryan off the market, and Billy Wagner likely to remain in the National League, the selection of established quality relievers are dwindling quickly. Regardless, they all seem in line to make a pretty penny before reporting to camp. According to Anthony McCarron in the Daily News:

As one agent who represents a free agent reliever this winter put it: “Were we happy about the Ryan contract? Oh, yes.”

So, what are the Yankees going to do?

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