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Well, They Can’t Be Worse, Can They?

The special Negro League Hall of Fame vote will be announced later today (this article in the Times is worth checking out for the photograph alone)–here’s hoping it’ll be a memorable day. In the meantime, the Yankees begin their exhibition season this Thursday. Randy Johnson threw another bp session yesterday; Joe Torre is pleased with what he’s seen from Al Leiter thus far. Tyler Kepner covers Carl Pavano in the Times:

Asked how important Pavano’s recovery was to the Yankees, Torre did not hesitate.

“Major,” Torre said. “I think he’s major for us, and the reason I say that is because of his youth, for one, where he can take a good portion of the workload. That about covers it, really. He just never got into a groove of any kind, just never got there. But he’s major for us.”

Bill Madden has a piece on Bernie Williams in the News:

“Last year was a wake-up call for me,” Williams said. “It seemed like I was breaking someone’s record or passing some milestone and that was not my focus. Given my situation, with my playing time being reduced, it was very frustrating for me. When they signed me this winter, they were expecting me to accept a certain role.

“Last year it was more confusing. Once you get used to playing every day and (suddenly) they’re bringing in this guy and that guy to see what happens. I wasn’t used to that. This year, it’s been made very clear to me: ‘You’re not gonna be the center fielder. That’s the offer, take it or leave it.'”

The Yanks will be in good shape if Pavano and Bernie are even reasonably productive this year, no?

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