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Brother’s Little Helper

“Anybody who thinks you can go through the season normally and your body can just respond normally, after what we go through, is unreasonable,” said Eric Chavez, the third baseman for the Oakland Athletics. “I’m not saying taking away greenies isn’t a good thing, but guys are definitely going to look for something as a replacement.”

…”Guys will always find something,” [Al] Leiter said. “Even if they have to go to the local truck stop to get some No-Doz, they’ll find something to get them through.”

Over the past couple of months there have been a bunch of stories about how the new ban on greenies will impact baseball this year. I can’t recall any of them being more concise or thorough than Jack Curry’s piece this morning in the Times. I think this is one of the most interesting stories of the coming season and Curry does a fine job of spelling out the a-b-c’s of the matter. Check it out.

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