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ALDS Game Two: Up For The Down Stroke

After tripping up in the first game, the Yankees must to win Game Two in order stay in this series. A loss tonight would spell certain doom for the Bombers. But if the bats keep the same approach they had last night against C.C. Sabathia, you have to like their chances. This could even be one of those games they really blow open. But if they get anxious and swing early in the count, they’ll be playing to Fausto Carmona’s strength and things could get ugly. After all, we’ve seen this Yankee team score in bunches this year, and we’ve also seen them collectively disappear.

Good Andy or Bad Andy, which one shows?

There were no late afternoon shadows to contend with last night. I’m curious is that will hold tonight, or, with the game starting an hour-and-a-half earlier, it’ll be an issue during the early innings.

The Indians’ closer, Joe Borowski figures to play a role if the game is close. Over at ESPN, Keith Law questioned Eric Wedge’s use of Rafael Perez and Rafael Bentancourt in Game One:

Perez might be available for Game 2, but he’ll be limited, and there’s always a chance he’ll be tired. This is flat-out overmanaging, and it doesn’t speak well of his faith in his other relief options. If Fultz or Laffey can’t come in and get three outs without blowing a six-run lead, they don’t belong on the playoff roster.

Wedge moved from overmanaging to outright paranoia later in the game, using Lewis with an eight-run lead and Rafael Betancourt — who has always been less effective when working back-to-back days — with a nine-run lead in the ninth. If Wedge was saving Joe Borowski for a tighter situation in Game 2, it’s a sign he doesn’t fully grasp who the best relievers in his bullpen are. There’s no reason why he couldn’t have used Fultz, Laffey or Tom Mastny to at least lighten the load on his best relievers, keeping them sharp and fully available for Game 2.

Biggest game of the year for the Bombers again tonight. Here’s hoping they respond and give us something to be excited about this weekend. Pete Abe’s got the line ups.

Let’s Go Yan-Kees!

Oh, and just one final note…On the comments section…Most of you are regulars and know each other well. I don’t have any problems with anyone using foul language so long as it isn’t directed at anyone else who is posting. So long as things don’t become personal or vicious, then, obviously do your thing and vent away. For anyone who is new to the comments section, be prepared to deal with a group of passionate (i.e. crazed), short-tempered, New Yorkers, especially if the Yanks are losing. If you are easily offended by crude language, I suggest you to stay away.

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