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Still Bossy (after all these years)

Ian O’Conner of the Bergen Record gets the money scoop of the season: he talks to the Boss directly on the phone. I’m happy to report that the Boss sounds like the same old Boss you always knew and loved to hate.

“I have full control,” Steinbrenner says of his organization. “I’m doing all right, I’m fine.” The Boss is angry that the Yankees lost the first two games of the ALDS–“They’d better show what they’re made of,” he said.

Dig this Vintage George 101:

On Torre:

“His job is on the line,” the Yankees’ owner said in a phone interview. “I think we’re paying him a lot of money. He’s the highest-paid manager in baseball, so I don’t think we’d take him back if we don’t win this series.”

On Bruce Froemming:

“The umpire was full of [expletive],” Steinbrenner said of the retiring Froemming. “He won’t umpire our games anymore.”

In the wake of that Game 2 defeat, Steinbrenner said the Yankees had complained to baseball commissioner Bud Selig about the decision to play on. “[Selig] just said, ‘That’s in the umpires’ hands,’ ” Steinbrenner said. “But Jesus Christ, it was terrible. It messed up the whole team, [Derek] Jeter, all of them.”

On Alex Rodriguez:

“I think we’ll re-sign him,” Steinbrenner said of Rodriguez. “I think he’s going to have a good run the rest of the [postseason]. I think he realizes New York is the place to be, the place to play. A lot of this [postseason] is laying on his shoulders, you know, but I think he’s up to it.”

Well, there you have it. The King, thought to be lost, reminds us that above all, this is still is his team. We all know his bite can be worse than his bark. If the Yankees lose tonight, all bets are off.

No pressure, guys.

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