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The Power of Joe

Once again, the Yankees have left Joe Torre twisting in the wind. And once again, Torre might have them exactly where he wants them. In recent days, the New York papers have been filled with support for Torre–from columnists to players (Robinson Cano, Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Ron Villone, Mariano Rivera and Roger Clemens to name a few). Heck, even David Ortiz praised Torre yesterday.

The Yankees are expected to sort out Torre’s future with the team early next week when top executives meet in Tampa. The latest has them offering Torre the job with a significant paycut (from $7 million to 4). Torre will still come out smelling like a rose if the Yankees decide not to bring him back, and by being silent, he’s putting the onus squarely on them.

We all know how much Torre loves being the manager of the New York Yankees, and we know he’s been willing to take a certain amount of crap from the front office–maybe he just lets it roll off his back–in order to keep the position.

So, regardless of whether or not you think he should return, here’s my question: Will Joe Torre be managing the 2008 Yankees?

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