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News of the Day – 11/30/08

Sunday Newsy Sunday …

  • Suite City Blue Eyes: The Daily News has a report on demands made by the City for perks (like a free suite) at the new Stadium, in return for free parking spaces.

The Yankees got the city to write a letter to the IRS so they could obtain $942 million in tax-free bonds. The team plans to request $366 million more, saving them a total of $247 million in lower borrowing costs. In return, Bloomberg’s team wanted a free luxury suite and the right to buy at cost 180 of the best seats to all home games, including post-season, the e-mails show.

  • The Times has their own rundown of the City suite deal, including the City’s justification:

David Lombino, a spokesman for the city’s Economic Development Corporation, cautioned against reading too much into the e-mail messages.

“Securing the option to use a box at the stadium was one part of a much larger, comprehensive negotiation where we sought the best deal possible for the city,” he said. “Our goal was to make sure that New York had the same advantages as other cities, including the option to use a box, be it for staff outings, for public employees or for visiting dignitaries. The mayor’s office has indicated that no decision has been made as to whether or not it will exercise the option, but it exists for this and future administrations.”

  • Ken Davidoff of Newsday has some non-player off-season changes for the Yanks:

The Yankees have informed the ultra-popular Frank “Hondo” Howard that his services won’t be retained. Howard worked this past season as a professional scout. And former Yankees outfielder Hector Lopez, who spent the last 15 seasons as a coach for the rookie-level Gulf Coast Yankees, won’t return, either.   The Yankees also let go special pitching instructor Rich Monteleone, batting-practice pitcher Mitch Seone and massage therapist Scott Yelin.

  • Craig Wilson, who struck out 34 times and walked only 4 times in 109 PAs for the Yanks in 2006, turns 32.  Matt Lawton, who batted .125 in 48 ABs for the Bombers in 2005, turns 37.  Bob Tewksbury, one of the quintessiential finesse pitchers of the 90s (mostly for teams OTHER than the Yanks), turns 48.  Steve Shields, who allowed 126 baserunners in 82.3 innings for the Yanks in 1988, hits the big 5-0.  Barry Evans (who?) turns 52.
  • On a local TV program on this date in 1952, Jackie Robinson charges that the New York Yankee management is racist for its failure to bring up a black player. George Weiss of the Yanks denies the allegations.
  • On this date in 1967, the Yankees purchase Gene Michael from the LA Dodgers.
  • On this date in 1981, Dave Righetti (8-4, 2.06 ERA) wins the AL Rookie of the Year Award.
  • On this date in 2000, the Bombers sign free agent P Mike Mussina to a 6-year contract worth $88.5 million.  Mussina says a deciding factor was a call from Joe Torre.

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1 OldYanksFan   ~  Nov 30, 2008 11:50 am

OK Guys (and gals? Can I call a gal a guy in this context?)
I'm gonna put my GM cap on here... and I needz some feedback.

While everyone is frozen until CC picks the city he wants to eat in for the next 6 years, I do believe the economy is on everyone's mind. And everyone knows it will be worse next year. Even the 'Magic OBama' is gonna need to pull a rabbit out of his hat to keep things from getting catostrophic.

So, based on this, I make the follwing assumptions:
1) FAs will be much cheaper next year. I'm guess GMs are spending as much time on the 2010 FA list as they are on the 2009 FAs.
2) Nowhere is baseball will things be worse then Detroit. Aside from the obvious financial problems due to the automotive industry, last year Detroit made the big push, sold the farm, and ended up with a $138m last place team.
a) This screams Firesale. Could they be anymore motivated to tuck in their hindquarters and try to get some cheap, young players?
b) Magglio costs them a Net (via a team option) of $12m in 2010, so he might be one guy they hang onto.
c) Carlos Guillen is signed through '11, at an AAV of $12m. Shef is off the books after this year.
and my point is.....
D) Miggy Cabrera is signed through 2015. After this year ($15m), he will have an AAV of $21m. I don't know how they carry that cost if they aren't planning on consistantly being in the PS. Almost all their other talent is signed at a reasonable Cost. Brandon Inge ($6m), Placido Polanco ($4.6m), Curtis Granderson ($6m). So Miggy costs at much as 4 of their best players.

HE HAS GOT TO GO! And Detroit might even pay some of the freight.
Yeah.... Miggy ain't Tex is terms of glove, speed or body type, but this guy is a pure hitter. He's 25 with a career line of: .309 .381 .541 .922.

Detroit's farm is shot. Throw them a bunch of stuff for free, and some decent pitching prospects. While I haven't given up on IPK, he might help this go through.

Detroit is now (or soon will be) building for 2011, when unemployment might be back to single digits. We can help them there.

Is 6 years of Miggy at say, $18m/yr at least as good as Tex (28, career .919 OPS) at 8/$160m? And while he stinks at 3rd base, he could spell ARod 10 games a year. 25-30. These are your prime years, yes?

I'm not sure who else we need/could get from Detroit, but I really think this is a team that needs to dump salary and rebuild. They can expect a big drop from their 2008 attendance (39,538), and last year then were DEAD LAST in all of MLB in road attendance.

This team is ripe for a plucking.

2 Bum Rush   ~  Nov 30, 2008 12:08 pm

Detroit is convinced they can compete in that division. With Verlander and Bonderman I'd say they have little to lose by trying. Bonderman is reasonably signed ($12.5 million) through 2010. After that they have a very solid core with Grandson and Verlander not due for free agency until after 2011.They also paid big money to Porcello. So they're not trading Cabrera in 2009 or 2010. And even 2011 is iffy, if ever, since Dombrowski is signed through then and he was brought in to win a championship.

Sorry, but I don't see Cabrera becoming available.

As an addendum to the catcher discussion, why are the Yanks letting teams like the Royals sign a guy like JR House?

3 Bum Rush   ~  Nov 30, 2008 12:18 pm

P.s. Brandon Inge is not the "best" player of any major league team. He's a good defender, but since he won't catch full-time, his value is very limited at 3B, where they intend to play him, because he barely hits enough, if at all, to carry the position.

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