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News of the Day – 12/6/08

Powered by A Bit of Fry and Laurie (hat tip to Jon Weisman for the link), here’s the news:

  • At BP.com, Jay Jaffe puts on his GM’s hat and tries to fix the Yankees.  Here’s some highlights:

Withdraw the offer to Sabathia, which has been on the table since November 14.
Sign Teixeira.
Swisher becomes the primary right fielder, in a platoon with Nady.
Short-term CF solution by swapping Hideki Matsui to the Giants for Randy Winn.
Wang and Chamberlain are rotation locks, Hughes or Kennedy will take the number five spot. Alfredo Aceves is my seventh starter behind whichever of those two is sixth, and that at least one spare is stretched out at Scranton. That leaves a need for two starters. For one spot, I sign Derek Lowe.  Having signed Lowe, I’ll go high-risk/high-reward for the other spot. I’m going to sign Ben Sheets to a two-year, $30 million deal with a vesting option for a third year.

  • As you probably know by now, Brian Cashman has met with Scott Boras regarding Mark Teixeira, and will talk to C.C. Sabathia this weekend as per Tyler Kepner at the Times).
  • Think you have the Yankees’ next moves figured out?  Here’s some info from Buster Olney at ESPN:

They want to sign Sabathia, and if they cannot do that, then they intend to take the millions that would’ve been spent on the left-hander and chase after Teixeira, while bidding on Lowe. The Yankees also have had internal discussions about second baseman Orlando Hudson, whom they would sign, presumably, if they were to move closer to the long-considered swap of Robinson Cano to the Dodgers (or some other team). If the Yankees were to trade Cano to L.A., they almost certainly would insist upon an elite pitcher like Clayton Kershaw or Chad Billingsley in return, and in failing to get that, they’d lock in on outfielder Matt Kemp.

  • Over at the News, Mark Feinsand has this quote regarding the Yankees’ concern over someone making Sabathia a better offer:

“He’s got one suitor besides us, and that’s Milwaukee,” said one Yankees official who dismissed San Francisco as a legitimate contender. “He’ll have to make a decision: Does he want to leave a lot of money on the table?”

  • Feinsand also echoes the Times Kepner on Cashman’s meeting with Boras, but has the focus on a different Boras client:

… to discuss the 36-year-old righthander (Lowe). Cashman was not reachable for comment, but it is believed that no offer was made, though that could come later this week or during next week’s winter meetings in Las Vegas.  Cashman is also believed to have discussed other Boras clients, including Oliver Perez and Mark Teixeira, but Lowe was the focus.

  • Pick-3: Over at LoHud, Pete Abe offers his readers a poll to choose which of Lowe, Sheets and Burnett the Yanks should sign.   There is also a “none of the above” choice.  (Sheets is leading at time of this post). Pete also has an interesting post on a study done by Sports Management grad students at Manhattanville College.  Here’s an excerpt:

The students charted the win shares and durability of frontline players and bench players and broke them down to hitters, starters and relievers. They then compared all 30 teams.

As you might expect, starting pitching is what separated the elite teams from the rest and there was a wide disparity. That was particularly the case with the Yankees. But what struck me was that the offensive production was in a pretty tight range. The frontline players of most teams played close to the mean.  In other words, starting pitching is what mattered, particularly the depth of starting pitching. The students, who are all fans of the Yankees, commented that Brian Cashman was doing the right thing by focusing on starting pitching.

  • Jon Heyman offers his Winter Meetings preview over at SI.com.  According to Heyman, if a supposed friend of Sabathia is to be believed, C.C. received two other (non-Brewer or Yankee) offers before Thanksgiving, and is just taking his time on a decision.
  • At the New York Observer, Howard Megdal echoes those who have chided the Yanks for not offering arbitration to Pettitte and Abreu.
  • At MLB.com, Tom Singer writes of the appearance of Joe Torre on the Veteran’s Committee HOF ballot.  Fun Torre fact: he is the only person to win 2,000 games as a manager and also collect 2,000 hits in his playing career.
  • Chris Basak turns 30 today.  His Yankee career consisted of five games as a late-inning sub (one AB in total) during 2007.  Jose Contreras turns 37.  Happy 55th birthday to Gary Ward.

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1 The Hawk   ~  Dec 6, 2008 1:30 pm

I find the Jay Jaffe prescription to be eccentric, at best.

2 Mattpat11   ~  Dec 6, 2008 3:26 pm

I'm not sure why its become common opinion that 20 games of Ben Sheets is less appalling than 20 games of DL Burnett.

3 The Hawk   ~  Dec 6, 2008 4:31 pm

[2] I think it's youth and less $$$

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