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News Update – 11/30/09

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1 Raf   ~  Nov 30, 2009 8:17 am

Interesting news on Contreras. Usually players don't consider Japan off the bat. Was in the Tokyo DOme a couple of weeks ago to see an Old Timers game there, it was a lot of fun. I will try to make it out there to see a league game, I like the vibe I've seen from video clips.

2 The Mick536   ~  Nov 30, 2009 9:47 am

I remmber Barry Evans. I was at the Saturday game against the Sox in Oct 1982. Barry played second and had a two hits. Yanks lost 5-0 behind Righetti. Yanks finished Fifth. Donnie Baseball's first year. Sunday's game, they lost in extra innings. Listened to the game on the radio. Had a chance in the 10th and lost in the eleventh. Looked up the box score on retrosheet. Barry played the the last inning.

3 FreddySez   ~  Nov 30, 2009 10:00 am

There are much more important things in life, but it just kinda hit me that my daughter will never be entertained by Eddie Layton and Bob Sheppard on a warm Sunday afternoon. Sigh.

4 Diane Firstman   ~  Nov 30, 2009 10:43 am

ok .... here's a little post-Thanksgiving lull topic for debate and rancor :-)

Maury Allen has a post out there today that he thinks Jeter may be the best player of all time (yeah yeah, we know all about the flip, the catch ... the intangibles .... )

Anyhow, since we Banterites KNOW Jeter is NOT the best player of all time ... and is NOT (even) the best SS of all time ....

Which SS would you rank ahead of Jeter all-time?

5 Mattpat11   ~  Nov 30, 2009 10:50 am

I know some people who are very annoyed that some racecar driver didn't win Sportsman of the Year.

Oh well.

6 Diane Firstman   ~  Nov 30, 2009 10:52 am

Car racing is NOT a sport :-)

7 Mattpat11   ~  Nov 30, 2009 10:55 am

[6] That's how I feel. Or at best, its a sport I don't give a flying flip about.

8 Shaun P.   ~  Nov 30, 2009 11:38 am

[6] Damn skippy. If its a sport, then playing a video game is a sport too.

[4] Honus Wagner at least. I seem to recall Rob Neyer going through the list once upon a time, and coming up with someone else too, though I don't remember who now.

Ok, here it is. Arky Vaughn is the other guy, and that's (somewhat) by giving him credit for his missed service during WWII. Its possible Jeter is going to be the second-best SS of all time, but there's no way he passes Wagner - not even if he gets 4300 hits.

To call Jeter the best player of all-time is just absurd, but that's the kind of trolling I expect in the offseason. It will get attention because its so laughably stupid, not because it makes a reasonable point. Sigh.

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