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Wyatt Mason had a long, and sometimes over-written, profile of David Simon, creator of “The Wire,” and the forthcoming “Treme”, in the New York Times Magazine last weekend. I still haven’t watched “The Wire,” but Simon’s new series looks compelling:

“There’s a thing about being capable of a great moment,” Simon told me on a break from shooting. “This city is capable of moments unlike any moments you’ll ever experience in life. To see an Indian come down the street in full regalia on St. Joseph’s Night on an unlit street of messed-up shotgun houses and one burned-out car, and he’s the most beautiful thing on the planet, and everything around him is falling down. It’s a glorious instant of human endeavor. It’s duende from the Spanish, chills on the back of your neck, and then the next minute it’s gone. Lots of American places used to make things. Detroit used to make cars. Baltimore used to make steel and ships. New Orleans still makes something. It makes moments. I don’t mean that to sound flippant, and I don’t mean it to sound more or less than what it is, but they’re artists with a moment, they can take a moment and make it into something so transcendent that you’re not quite sure that it happened or that you were a part of it.”

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1 Bluenatic   ~  Mar 24, 2010 9:57 am

I've Got The Brand New Doo-Doo Guaranteed Like Yoo Hoo
I'm On Like Dr John, Yea Mr Zu Zu
I'm A Newlywed I'm Not A Divorcee
And Everything I Do Is Funky Like Lee Dorsey!

2 RagingTartabull   ~  Mar 24, 2010 10:28 am

I love, love, LURVE The Wire. But it seems like over the past few years every couple of months we get one of these gushing, purple, longform profiles of the unparalleled genius of David Simon and how "under-appreciated" he is. It gets a little stale.

and yeah I still think The Sopranos was better.

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