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The Smallest Nation

Who? Guy at the grocery store. What? First time caller, long time listener. Gist? Who brought the Yankee fan? Evidence of delusion? “We’ll be happy to take those rings from you.”

Yankee Snark? “They make new rings every year, and the Giants won last year, but otherwise, good luck.”

I’ve been involved in this type of conversation a lot, but usually it’s my father-in-law that instigates it as means to a friendly introduction. This time, the guy at the grocery store started things off and seemed genuinely a little bit hurt that a New Englander would marry outside the Red Sox family.

I felt a little sad for him, until I realized my in-laws were not disagreeing with him. Hey, I’m standing right here guys.

Overall? Mostly good-natured, slightly delusional, hugely confident. Not too bad, but let’s see what happens at the beach.

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"This ain't football. We do this every day."
--Earl Weaver