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I’ve never gone to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade but I have an uncle who used to go every year. It was one of those things that he couldn’t imagine not doing and didn’t understand why everyone didn’t feel the same way he did.

The floats are cool, though, aren’t they?

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1 Boatzilla   ~  Nov 27, 2011 5:35 am

I went once. Took my Japanese wife, who was pregnant. It was our last NYC trip before the baby. The people in the crowds were animals. It still makes me feel angry to this day...10 years later.

She got to feeling uncomfortable, so we were trying to squeeze our way out to go back to our hotel. Not only were people not giving us any inch. They were pushing back. It was sick.

As I was trying to get around some woman with a British accent. I said forcefully, PLEASE let us by we need to get out. My wife is pregnant."

She said, "Then she shouldn't be here." Not an ounce of compassion. The venom in her tone was revolting. She would have thought nothing of trampling us.

Once is more than enough.

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