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The Yanks scored 3 runs in the third, a couple more in the fourth, and Lil’ Sori added a solo home run a few innings later. It was more than enough for Ivan Nova who went the distance and tossed a shutout. It made for a tension-free afternoon in the Bronx. Two-and-a-half hours, folks.


Final Score: Yanks 6, Giants 0.

Only drag is that the Rays beat the O’s again.

[Photo Via: toiletwolf]

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1 rbj   ~  Sep 21, 2013 4:59 pm

Just looked at the expanded standings. With a negative run differential of 16, Yankees are the only team with a negative RD that's within 10 games of the second wild card spot.

Smoke, mirrors, baling wire and chewing gum.

2 Alex Belth   ~  Sep 21, 2013 5:22 pm

1) And don't forget Soriano!

3 Ara Just Fair   ~  Sep 21, 2013 8:09 pm

Game 6 on Yes. 1996. Mo is on the mound in the 7th vs. Pendleton. 3-1 Yanks. 4 straight balls to walk Pendleton. Holy shit is Mo young and skinny. Jeff Blauser up. First pitch swing and a miss. Another swing and miss. Nod to Girardi. Foul outta play. Pop up to Sojo in short right. Grissom to bat. McCarver babbling. First pitch foul outta play. Whiff on a 96 heater on the outside corner. Crowd standing. A few hopper to Jeter, flip to Sojo who catches and jump throws to Tino. Grissom safe. Lemke up. First pitch is swing and miss. Next pitch is 95 up and away. Let's go Yankees chant is heard and the top of the 7th ends on a shallow fly to Bernie in center. Praise be to Mo.

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