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Saturdazed Soul


Sweet Little Girl

[Photo Via: Have Cake, Will Travel]

Long Weekend


Shopping? Nah, fergit that. Time to cool out, do some reading, watch a movie, hang with family, chill with friends, or just by yourself.

[Photo Credit: Jesse Vaughan]


1988 USA. NYC. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 1988.

Happy Thanksgiving you guys.

Picture by Elliot Erwitt.

American Master

Rest in peace, Saul Leiter, dead at 89. A beautiful artist.














saul leiter snow 1960









“There are certain people who like to be in the swing of things, but I think I’ve been out of the loop a lot of the time. When Bonnard died, one critic accused him of not participating in the great adventures of Modernism. And Matisse wrote a letter in which he defended Bonnard, saying that when he saw the Bonnards in the Phillips collection, he told Mr. Phillips, ‘Bonnard was the strongest of us all.’

I’m not like those photographers who went up to the top of the mountain and hung over and took a picture that everyone said was impossible and then went home and printed it and sold 4,000 copies of it and then went on and on with one great achievement after another.

Max Kozloff said to me one day, ‘You’re not really a photographer. You do photography, but you do it for your own purposes – your purposes are not the same as others’. I’m not quite sure what he meant, but I like that. I like the way he put it.”

Beat of the Day

tumblr_mwgev3dK4f1qe31lco1_1280 (1)

Kind of Blue.

[Photo Via: Like a Field Mouse]

Taster’s Cherce


Saveur gives Fingerling Potatoes with Bacon and 29 other super simple Thanksgiving sides.

[Photo Credit: Vanessa Rees]

New York Minute


When art ruled SoHo.

[Photo Via: Forgotten New York]

Masculine Feminine


Head on over to Esquire and get some relationship advice from a 98-year old woman:

According to statistics, more and more women are the ones asking for the divorces these days. Very different from your generation.

Right, the world today is completely different because the women are successful. A lot of women are more successful than their husbands. And that’s not necessarily good for marriage. It’s wonderful for women, of course, but if they become more successful than their husbands, it can be bad because then the man loses respect for himself. And then the husband becomes the pussycat—and that’s no good. That’s just my opinion. I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong plenty of times in my life.

Do you think the men are more like women these days?

I think so. I think men are much more interested in the way they look. Much more. I think they dress differently than they used to. They go to the gym. Now, the women have to keep up with them!

Would you like to be a young woman in today’s world?

Oh yeah. Because I feel like I could keep up with any man. I’m not being conceited—don’t misunderstand me. But I understand men. I do. My father, he always said to me, “If I was married to a woman like you, I’d own the world.” He used to tell me that. I was the favorite, and I knew it. I could have had anything I wanted. I don’t tell that to my brothers and sisters because I don’t want to hurt their feelings.


Morning Art


Franz Kline. 

Bloated Ballot


Let the latest Hall of Fame nonsense begin. 

Beat of the Day


Sweet nuthin’.

[Photo Via: This Isn’t Happiness]

Taster’s Cherce


Found via the always-amazing Kottke: the NYC Ramen Map.

[Photo Via: Joe Burgers Pdx]

Requiem for a Welterweight


I’m late on this but in case you missed it do yourself a favor and check out ​Brin-Jonathan Butler’s portrait of Manny Pacquiao for SB Nation Longform:

After eight frustrating years, four controversial fights, 42 contentiously scored rounds, with over 500 punches landed from more than 1,800 thrown, after two grueling hours of opportunity under the spotlight, on Dec. 8, 2012, Juan Manuel Marquez finally landed the punch of a lifetime against Manny Pacquiao. It happened with just one second left in the sixth round of their mythic saga. Pacquiao charged forward to land one final blow before the bell, and instead added his own momentum to Marquez’s immaculately-timed, coup de grace right-hand, which landed flush against Pacquiao’s jaw. On TV, when the punch landed, Pacquiao’s back was to the camera. The reverberations of the impact were only detectable through the sudden jolt of Pacquiao’s wet hair on the back of his head.

But isn’t this a staple of wrestling, meant to fool? Since the punch itself had landed with such comic book emphasis, the traction of the unfolding human drama, along with reality, became unhinged and, for an instant, suspended. In confusion and disbelief, many people watching around me in a New York bar laughed in horror. As Charlie Chaplin famously pointed out, from a distance, a man slipping on a banana peel or stumbling down a manhole is funny. It’s something altogether different up close. And since Pacquiao had fallen face-first and remained motionless, almost fastened to the canvas, there were no cues.

Morning Art


Photograph by Ayako Fuji (1995) via MPD.

Been Caught Stealing


I’m with the Beasties on this one. Yeah, the Goldiebox commercial is admirable in spirit but they’ve got the nerve to rip off music for their own purpose and then hide behind their politics.

Cool product, and at this point, they’ve accomplished their mission because the video has gone viral, but still: they get the Gas Face.

New York Minute


How do you react when someone sleeps on your shoulder? I generally won’t have it but I suppose it depends on my mood and the person who falls asleep on my shoulder.



Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York looks at the changes in the meat packing district.

Beat of the Day


I’m only dreaming.

[Picture Via: This Isn’t Happiness]

Taster’s Cherce


Looking ahead, Food 52 offers up 7 Thanksgiving soup recipes. 

Where & When: Game 21

Welcome back to another edition of Where & When.  The holidays are neigh and I will probably only post once this week so that we can all do our own thing on the day and recover afterwards, but if I do post another, I’m certain it won’t be Thursday.  I do apologize for the inconsistency of late, but my work schedule has been similarly inconsistent.  This week should provide me a bit of relief; especially with what I hear will be a major snowstorm coming to the NY Tri-State area as early as Wednesday.

That said, let us debate over this latest picture:

Where & When Game 21

I had a little bit of trouble pinpointing the location, even with the given clues, so this may or may not take a while depending on your resources.  I am particularly curious about a couple of the clues in this photo, so anything you can add to the description in terms of the businesses pictured would certainly be worthy of a bonus.  As far as when is concerned, I’m certain we can gather what season it is, but for the year I’m looking for the same year as a particular exposition in this region involving horses and drinking. Did somebody say fun? I sure hope they capped it at a certain point if it was…

A raft of River City for the first with the answers to both where and when, and Napitki iz Chernogolovki for comrades who follow with correct answers. Leave your answers in the thread and discuss freely. Links are your friend, and so are well researched responses.  No peeking at the photo credit, of course.  And again, anyone who wishes to submit a future challenge can submit the picture and corresponding info to me via email.  Poka!

[Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons]

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