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yankees-v-detroit-tigers Watch enough baseball and you develop a sharp sense for knowing if an outfielder is going to catch a fly ball or not, even if they wind up making an improbable catch. There’s just something about their body language that says, “I’ve got this.” That’s how I felt last night in the third inning when Ezequiel Carrera, playing a shallow center field with the bases loaded with nobody out, raced to left center field after a shot hit by Jacoby Ellsbury. He dove as he neared the warning tracked and made a beautiful catch. Heck, he almost overran the ball. Hard to predict making a play like that and yet it seemed like he had it the whole way. carerra_catch_tumblr_l4fj5wps.gif Ellsbury had rounded first and he looked at the TV screen in center field and watched a replay as he walked back to the dugout, hands on his hips. He had a half-smile on his face and he watched and then turned his eyes to Carrera. “Man, you hurt my feelings,” he seemed to be saying. It was the play of the night in what was otherwise a close but sleepy game at the Stadium. Game like that in September or October and the place is ripe with tension. But the fans at the ball park last night seemed lulled by the lack of run-scoring. The Yanks ended up scoring twice in the 3rd and that’d be enough for them to squeeze out another close win, this time: 2-1. That’s the way things have gone this season–win a close one, lose a close one. I’m just pleased they won this one, right? Especially with David Price going tonightski. [Photo Credit: Robert Sabo/N.Y. Daily News]

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1 Dimelo   ~  Aug 5, 2014 11:33 am

Given all the opportunities they blew, I swore they would lose this game.

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