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Million Dollar Movie

Now streaming for free on PBS.com.

House of Cards


Via Kottke, this here looks like funski:

And there’s this:

[Photo Credit: David Sprague/L.A. Times]

Million Dollar Movie

Here is a great movie. No Maps on My Taps. Make an effort to check it out when you can.

Million Dollar Movie

This could be good.

Million Dollar Movie

Here is a classic short by Helen Whitney about a day in the life of the Baltimore Sun circa 1976. Newsroom was loud back when…and smokey.

[Featured Image Via: The New York Times]

Every Girl’s Crazy ‘Bout a Sharped-Dressed Man

Over at Grantland, check out Nelson George’s short on Clyde Frazier.

Million Dollar Movie

David Denby reviews The Central Park Five in this week’s issue of The New Yorker.

I saw the movie a few weeks ago and thought it was expertly made. Troubling and enraging. You should make a point to go see it.

New York Minute

From Jamie Scott.

[Photo Via: Japan Society]

Inner Sanctum

Check out this short by Jared Levy.

NYC Dark from Already Alive on Vimeo.

Million Dollar Movie

The latest from Ken Burns. The Dust Bowl

There’ll Be a Feast if You Just Come Upstairs

Tonight gives more fabulous self-promotional Rolling Stones bullshit. Crossfire Hurricane, 9 pm on HBO. I’m so there.

Million Dollar Movie

This looks like fun.

Million Dollar Movie


Check out this wonderful short, New York: Night and Day, by Phillip Stockton.

New York: Night and Day from Philip Stockton on Vimeo.

Million Dollar Movie

Here’s Jeff Feuerzieg’s short on Jeff Dowd the inspiration for Jeff Lebowski.

THE DUDE (Director’s Cut) from Jeff Feuerzeig on Vimeo.

Million Dollar Movie

From Errol Morris comes a short film about the life and death of sports fans.

[Photo Via N.Y. Daily News]

Million Dollar Movie

If you get a chance to catch About Face, an HBO documentary about Super Models, check it out. It’s especially good.

Million Dollar Movie


This is a lousy-looking clip but the movie, Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography, is something you must see.

Million Dollar Movie

This looks promising.

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