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Down on the Corner, Out in the Street

You guys must check this out: On My Block Films.

And dig this, from an e-mail I received from Erin Pope who does community outreach for the project:

Neighbors across the 5 boroughs are challenged to create one to five minute short films (narrative or documentary) using only the residents from their block as the cast and crew. We’ve completed some sample videos that you can check out here. I can personally attest to how amazing the experience was. I only knew the neighbors in our building in a head nodding sort of way and after creating our film I’d now consider at least 12 people from my block great friends.

And the crazy thing about living in New York is, you never really know who you’ll meet when you go knocking on the door. Case in point, we shot our film with our neighbors last Saturday and through the process we met a woman who works for Obama. Forward ahead 48 hours later and my husband was meeting The President as he arrived at JFK. I have no doubt about the amazing things that will come out of each and every block’s filmmaking process!

Our goal is to create 50 films (10 from each borough) by Oct. 31st.

This is just too cool. Please enjoy this site and spread the word.

[Photo Credit: Tom Arndt via Je Suis Perdu]

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