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Morning Art


“La Chouette” by Pablo Picasso (1953)

Afternoon Art

Pablo Picasso: Olga Picasso, Seated, autumn 1918

Picasso (1918)

Morning Art

Picasso; Guitar, 1912

“Guitar” (sheet metal sculpture) by Pablo Picasso (1912)

Afternoon Art


“Retrato de Olga” by Pablo Picasso (1920)

Beat of the Day



[Image: “Portrait of Sylvette David in Green Chair” by Pablo Picasso, 1954]

Afternoon Art

“Green Pan and Black Bottle” by Pablo Picasso (1908)

Morning Art

Nude Study by Pablo Picasso.

Morning Art

A Guitar. Drawing by Pablo Picasso (1912?)

Afternoon Art

I saw the elegant Picasso Guitars Show at the Modern today and it made me feel lighter, alive, and unbelievably happy.

Check out the site, and if you are in town, peep the show, it’s around through early June.

Afternoon Art

Today, Picasso paints a cat in action:

Art of the Day

I’ve always loved this drawing by Pablo Picasso:

Late Afternoon Art

Three Musicians, By Pablo Picasso (1921)

The Yanks have the night off. But feel free to chat about art, baseball or the weather. Whatever’s clever, y’all.

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