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WWJD? Carlos Delgado, and


Carlos Delgado, and Vernon Wells led the League’s best offense past Andy Pettitte and the Yankees last night at the Stadium, 8-3. To be honest, they spanked the Yanks, but good. Pettitte has now lost four games in a row—the first time that has happened in his career, prompting me to ask rhetorically: “Hey Andy, what would Jesus do, big fella?”

After learning that they will be without Bernie Williams for a while, it was a somber and soggy night in Yankeeville. Jorge Posada was hit by a pitch twice, the second time in the right foot. He was removed from the game, but appears to be okay.

On a positive note, Roger Clemens appears to be okay, and weather providing, he should start against the Sox on Monday.

Both Jason Giambi and Godzilla Matsui looked better at the plate last night. They each had two hits, and drove the ball well. The Yankees are going to rely on these guys more heavily now that Sweet Pea is gone.

Not for nothing, but I’m happy to see Carlos Delgado playing so well. He’s always been such an appealing player, and though his numbers dipped a bit over the past two seasons, he’s remained one of the scariest hitters in the league.

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