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Plan B, C, Etc.

While Brian Cashman’s dinner with Godzilla’s agent apparently went well last night, the team is still looking for a center fielder. According to The Daily News, the Bombers approached the White Sox about the possibility of acquiring Aaron Rowand in a trade only to find that there currently isn’t a match that fits. However, the Yanks still are interested in Brian Giles:

There is some skepticism within the organization about whether he’d be suited to handle playing center field every day, but the Yankees made contact with Giles’ agent, Joe Bick, during the period when free agents could talk money only with their former clubs and are expected to check back with Bick now that the exclusivity window has passed.

Privately, the Yankees believe Giles would prefer to remain on the West Coast, but Bick said his client has no geographic restrictions. “I know that’s been said, but I can tell you that Brian’s preference is to be in a situation where the team has a real chance to win,” Bick said in a telephone interview. “There’s no doubt, he likes the convenience of being on the West Coast, but he is going into this with a totally open mind.”

Giles may not exactly fit the Yankees need for a defensive upgrade, but man, if they could ink both Matsui and Giles, I will not riff. I maintain that he’d be a great Yankee.

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