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Hold Please…

Yankee fans of my generation grew up knowing nothing else but the world of George Steinbrenner. Now that the Boss has receded into the background, it has become harder to predict what will happen and when with these Yankees. The Tampa Summit ended yesterday with no official word on Joe Torre. GM Brian Cashman reiterated the team’s stance on Alex Rodriguez; otherwise, bubkus.

All we can do is guess as to what’s gunna happen. The Daily News speculates:

It has become clear that three scenarios are being considered: Bring Torre back on a two- or three-year deal; bring him back on a one-year deal for considerably less than what he earned last year; or let him go and move forward, likely with Don Mattingly taking over as manager. Neither Mattingly nor any other candidate besides the incumbent was discussed yesterday.

“The decision that we’re talking about is obviously rehiring somebody,” Cashman said. “There’s a negotiation if you do so. Those are the decisions we have to come to if that’s the direction we choose to go….We’re having the dialogue with all the relevant parties.”

Pete Abraham thinks the Yankees have become boring while Mike Vaccaro speaks to a baseball executive who thinks the Yankee situation is more interesting than what’s going on in the playoffs.

I like Joel Sherman’s take.

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