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Blogging (It’s Not Just for Kids Anymore)

Even the pros do it, and do it well. Witness Buster Olney’s blog or Rob Neyer’s joint over at ESPN. Or, more recently Joe Posnanski, who has taken to the medium like a fish to water. We can add SI.com’s Jake Luft to the mix now that he’s got his own site, Luft on Deck. Stop by and check out today’s post on Hank Steinbrenner (and props to Jake for including George Carlin in the piece).

In brief…check out this CNBC link of Joe Torre talking about George Steinbrenner (the full interview airs Monday at 9p/12a ET on CNBC).

Joel Sherman can’t help it. He still likes Andy Pettitte. Also, the Post has put up a sizable excerpt from Sherman’s informative book, Birth of a Dynasty. It’s the chapter on Pettitte. If you haven’t read Sherman’s book, check the excerpt out.

Finally, over at YES, Steven Goldman has a non-baseball related interview up with the musician Dan Zanes.

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