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Wrong is Right

Yankee gm, Brian Cashman:

“He is not going (to the rotation),” Cashman said of Chamberlain, the premier set-up man in baseball. “We are all on the same page. We talked about this during the winter and spring training and we are working toward that because that is the (eventual plan). Right now the time and place is to help in the pen. We are all on the same page.

“It makes for a nice New York story, but there is not a disagreement with my boss and myself.”
(George King, N.Y.Post)

Anthony Mccarron reports in the News:

“It’s all of our intention to try to get (Chamberlain) back into the rotation by the end of the year,” Steinbrenner told The News. “I’ve addressed it many times, as did Joe (Girardi) and (GM Brian) Cashman. I’m just saying it would be nice to have him there right now. He’s going to be great anywhere we have him but, my preference is as a starter and that’s everybody else’s preference, too.

“You see what a premium starting pitching is. The bullpen is important, but starting pitching is 70% of it. Your bullpen can’t do you any good if you’re down by five runs quickly every night. It’s logical.”

But Chamberlain isn’t going anywhere right now, according to Cashman.

“Joba is a starter, but the time and place for him right now is to be in the bullpen,” Cashman said.

I’m no expert but it seems like it would be tough to switch Joba this season. I just don’t see the Yanks being able to afford losing Chamberlain for six-to-eight weeks as he builds himself back into a starter in the minors. I am eager to see him start too, but am also fine with him sticking out this year as Mariano’s set-up man.

What do you guys think?

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