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It’s Ruined


Most of us have stories about how we lost a prized autographed ball or how our mother threw away our baseball card collection. When I was nine, a family friend who worked at NBC gave me an official 1980  World Series ball signed by Bryant Gumbel, who was working sports at the time. A few years later, my brother, exacting revenge for something that undoubtedly deserved it, played with the ball in the mud, and it was forever spoiled.

Rich Lederer managed to ruin a ball signed on the sweet spot by both Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle.  Here’s how he did it.

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1 Chyll Will   ~  Apr 20, 2009 5:15 pm

"Denny McLain may be Dennis Dale McLain to his mom and dad. But he's Denny Effing McLain to me."

Hilarious... he's actually Denny Effing McLain to a whole lot of people, from what I understand...

2 a.O   ~  Apr 20, 2009 7:37 pm

Who ruined my Wang?!

3 PJ   ~  Apr 21, 2009 1:34 am

LOL @ the Mets!

5 williamnyy23   ~  Apr 21, 2009 6:19 am

It's not an autographed ball, but on my visit to YS for the Friday Cubs game, my fiancée popped into Steiner Sports and noticed a Hidecki Matsui clubhouse chair for $300 and thought that was a reasonable enough price to make for a unique birthday gift. When we returned the next day, she took my father in to see the Joba chair (which was $500), but the price tag was changed to $5,000. The saleswoman remembered her from the previous night and told her that the Matsui chair was also mispriced...instead of the $300 she paid, the tag should have been $3,000. The chair arrived yesterday and she couldn't keep the secret, so I am now the proud owner of a Hidecki Matsui clubhouse chair. I'll try my best not to ruin it!

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