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The Yanks have the night off, but MLB’s new shining star, Stephen Strasburg is on the hill tonight and the game will be televised on ESPN2.

Here’s an open thread for whatever you find clever…

[Photo Credit: Darrellh200]

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1 rbj   ~  Jun 28, 2010 7:29 pm

Oooh, a bunch of well struck balls against Stephen. Obviously he needs to go down to the minors and work on his grammar or something.

2 thelarmis   ~  Jun 28, 2010 7:57 pm

blacked out on espn2 here in atlanta. it's on peachtree tv. turner field is really beautiful and just a great place to see a game. i've had a number of chances to go this season and haven't been yet. i hope to change that soon...

cool picture above.

3 thelarmis   ~  Jun 28, 2010 8:24 pm

scott rolen just hit his 300th homerun!

i've always liked him...

4 Just Fair   ~  Jun 28, 2010 9:01 pm

I sure hope this dude stays healthy. He is somethig to watch.

5 thelarmis   ~  Jun 28, 2010 9:25 pm

ah, a leadoff walk and an error has led to 2 braves runs. stras is done. he pitched really great tonite. 2 runners on, 1 out. would be cool if storen or clippard comes in.

his line's not done, but 7 K's, 2 BB's, 6.1 innings, 92 pitches are final....

6 Just Fair   ~  Jun 28, 2010 9:32 pm

Cue The Bad News Bears music..

7 thelarmis   ~  Jun 28, 2010 9:34 pm

really ugly inning for the washington infield.

4-0 bravos, still 2 on, 1 out...

3rd pitcher in for the nats.

looks like 3 of the 4 runs on strasburg's ledger will be earned. there's already been one error in the game changed to a hit... 6 hits off stras...

8 weeping for brunnhilde   ~  Jun 28, 2010 9:37 pm

Was Eric Hinske once a Yankee or am I making that up?

9 thelarmis   ~  Jun 28, 2010 9:42 pm

[8] i really wish he still was. cashmoney didn't even furtively peer at him this offseason. he'd make our bench look sooooo much better. i definitely long to have him and think of it every time i see him do something good, which is pretty much every time i see him play...which is often here in atlanta. (sigh.)

10 Mr. OK Jazz TOKYO   ~  Jun 28, 2010 9:43 pm

[8] Nope, he was briefly a Yankee. One of those Jose Canseco/Raul Mondesi types who dropped in and out very quickly...

Sad day today as the (comment deleted due to political content about the Supreme Court)...I really think (deleted)....and if there is ever a (deleted deleted) maybe I will (deleted)....

Wish there was a Yankee game tonight!

11 thelarmis   ~  Jun 28, 2010 9:44 pm

i'm listening to don sutton on the radio. i do a lot and he's actually very good. but in back-to-back segments, he just got the score, inning and count wrong. i wonder if a hot blonde walked by the booth. huh...

12 thelarmis   ~  Jun 28, 2010 9:45 pm

jose veras pitching for the fish against the muts in a blowout...

13 thelarmis   ~  Jun 28, 2010 9:57 pm

dan haren just hit a go-ahead homer off chris carpenter. dude's slugging .444 and slugging .200 points higher than that...

15 thelarmis   ~  Jun 28, 2010 10:14 pm

[14] i ain't followin' that link, but...

who's johnny?! ; )

16 Mr. OK Jazz TOKYO   ~  Jun 28, 2010 10:46 pm

[15] Smiling in that special way!

Ok, work, then grub. Maybe some jazz chat later if you are around, thelarmis? I heard a Dexter Gordon track the other day with some seriously swinging drumming by Art Taylor, you would have loved it.

17 thelarmis   ~  Jun 28, 2010 11:08 pm

snakes pen lose another one. cards scored 4 in the last 2 frames. heilman took the loss.

18 OldYanksFan   ~  Jun 29, 2010 9:19 am

[9] Absolutely. Hinske did really well for us. It was crazy to let him go... but maybe he was looking to be a starter? The dude was originally a 3rd baseman. I'm sure he was/is a butcher there, but he would have been a great sub for ARod on occasion. My guess is considering both O and D, he would still be more productive then Pena, as well as a decent bat off the bench.

I believe (and I think Cashman does too) that's it's really important to have as many (free) kind on the roster as we can get away with. Our top 5 players eat up $110m +/- alone. Unless Cashman is willing to bump our payroll well over $200m over the next 3 or 4 years, we need a lot of cheap help.

I believe this is why Gardy is here and Melky isn't. As it turns out, Gardy may be a better (maybe much better?) player then Melky, but I don't think anyone was sure of that. But he's certainly cheaper this year, and over the next few years.

We need to remember that the Core 5 (gotta include Bernie) were drafted back when we actually got a few decent picks, and they have been the core of the Dynasty and great teams of the 2000s. This next decade will be tougher, as we have now had over a decade of bottom-of-the-barrel picks.

Cano... Hughes... Joba (hopefully).... Montero.... Brett?.... DRob?.....
We have a decent core of youngsters who might stick and allow us to continue to overpay for FA studs. As 'rich' as we are, we still need to be able to field a good sized group of kids (and obviously, Robbie ain't cheap anymore).

19 Raf   ~  Jun 29, 2010 10:01 am

We need to remember that the Core 5 (gotta include Bernie) were drafted back when we actually got a few decent picks, and they have been the core of the Dynasty and great teams of the 2000s.

That isn't particularly true;

Jeter: 1st round (6th pick) of the 1992 amateur draft
Bernie: NDFA
Posada: 24th round of the 1990 amateur draft
Pettitte: 22nd round of the 1990 amateur draft

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