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Whadda Ya Know?

Robbie Cano hittum for high average…ESPN New York has the skinny.

Meanwhile, Diane Firstman digs up some depressing numbers for Derek Jeter.

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1 RIYank   ~  Sep 1, 2010 4:03 pm

Here's something I haven't seen discussed much, about Jeter's performance this year.
Look at his home/road splits. His home OPS is .822, down 43 points from his career .865 at home.
His away OPS is .601, down 212 points from his career .813 on the road.

So, at home, he's definitely off, but away he's ridiculously off, horrifically abysmally bad. I would want any serious explanation of what his problem is to explain this difference.

Oh, and yes, Rob is awesome.

2 ms october   ~  Sep 1, 2010 4:13 pm

[1] his lhp/rhp splits are pretty stark too - i remember looking them up earlier in the year after his swoon started and they just haven't gotten any better.
318/378/500 lhp.
243/312/320 rhp.

3 RIYank   ~  Sep 1, 2010 4:19 pm

[2] Wow. And similarly for Day/Night -- he's doing fine during the day, and dreadful at night.

So, under favorable conditions he's a little off, and under adverse conditions he's terrible. Now we just need a good theory of why that would be.

4 ms october   ~  Sep 1, 2010 4:21 pm

[3] yeah. maybe he just needs glasses/contacts.

5 Diane Firstman   ~  Sep 1, 2010 4:22 pm


he's a 36-year-old shortstop with 2,500+ games under his belt?

6 Diane Firstman   ~  Sep 1, 2010 4:25 pm


you'd think that would be it, but he actually is having more trouble with finesse pitchers than power pitchers ... so its not like he can't react to the release point in time:


7 RIYank   ~  Sep 1, 2010 4:28 pm

[5] But why has he slipped so much more on the road than at home, and so much more at night than during the day, and so much more against righties than against lefties?

The eyesight thing doesn't explain the home/road split.

8 ms october   ~  Sep 1, 2010 4:31 pm

[7] i know, i was being a bit flippant about the night/day splits.

9 The Hawk   ~  Sep 1, 2010 6:55 pm

Maybe it really is in his head - the contract year, I mean.

10 Angela823   ~  Sep 4, 2010 12:04 pm

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